Tag: disability activism

  • The New Jairos Jiri: A Discombobulating Tragedy

    Warning! What I am about to narrate may be very unsettling. I was seated together with a group of friends from college watching television when normal programming was disrupted by a very noisy jingle with the following words: “Driven by the desire to see an equal and inclusive society,, we are pleased to make the […]

  • Spare a Thought for Vengai’s dream

    Introduction: There are times when I feel very powerless. In such moments, maybe Mike Oliver of blessed memory would have said “if I had a hammer”. The activist in me is in agony after reading this article. As a lawyer, my first instinct would have been to write a case commentary but unfortunately, this case […]

  • My Blind Life in a Sighted World: Educated and illiterate?

    As a matter of principle, I have found attempts to teach me to use a pen very oppressive. I find it quite discomfiting that with all my education, the sighted world continues to treat me as an illiterate person.

  • Sugar-coating Oppression

    If the disability movement in Africa should be reinvigorated, then it must guard against euphemisms such as “differently abled persons”.

  • Is Knowledge Power? The Monologue of a Disability Rights Activist

    Special dedication to all my teachers who sometimes innocently worked diligently to mislead me. Sweet memories have taken me back to those good old days when I was a learner at that place in Matabeleland North called John Tallach Secondary School. Towards the end of 1998, there arose what I will here conveniently refer to […]