Power of words

The creative power of words is something which no one must never underestimate. Wars have been started and ended by words. Words have power to destroy and to build. The world will be a better place if the majority of its inhabitants, recognizing the beauty of diversity and need for tolerance, can harness the constructive potential of words.

Perspicacity and perspicuity

Perspicacity is associated with sound judgment, wisdom and acumen and we in this platform hold those virtues in high regard. Perspicacity comes from an old Latin word which means “seeing through” or “penetrating sight. In this platform, we will go beyond the obvious. We will see beyond the usual and we will say beyond the ordinary. Nevertheless, , we shall strive for perspicuity. This implies that we will be clear and simple but without losing the depth of issues we will be tackling.

Vision and modus operandi

We envision empowered communities achieving inclusive development through sustainable dialogue.

We shall therefore contribute through discussions of various socio-political and economic issues affecting us with a predisposition towards inclusive development